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The Council has existed for more than 100 years. It manages street lighting, allotments (there are four), the village greens (two in Stainforth, one in Little Stainforth), maintains some seats, liaises with Highways about road repairs and signs, and monitors the drains. Planning applications are always referred to the Council for their views. There are also good relations with local police and National Park officers.


In its current form there are five members plus a Clerk. Meetings are held monthly, usually on the second Tuesday at 7.30pm but check local notice boards for dates. Agendas and minutes are posted at least 5 days before a meeting. Public participation takes place at the start of every meeting when those living within the Parish of Stainforth can ask questions or make comments or suggestions.


New Parish Councils are formed every four years. An election is only held if there are more than five people wanting to represent Stainforth Parish.


For a history of the Parish Council, please go the History page.


In 2019 the officers are: Cllrs Blackburn (Chairman), Harrison, Millen, Sharp and Warren.

Clerk: Peter Leng Tel. 01729 825532 e-mail

Minutes available online

To view recent minutes (approved minutes of all meetings held since November 2010) click HERE

To view the archived minute books online, click HERE




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