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Minutes of the Meeting of Stainforth Parish Council held in Stainforth Village Hall on Tuesday, 11 June 2013 at 7.30pm. The public and press were invited and parishioner participation was at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs Fairweather (after item 2), Sharp, Asher and Warren. Also, the Clerk and one parishioner.

During parishioner participation, concern was expressed at the number of pot holes at the following locations: near post box, junction of main road and Main Street, Allen Close and particularly on Dog Hill. The Clerk explained that repairs were prioritised and undertook to relay the defects to Highways.

1 To elect a Chairman

Cllr Sharp was elected Chairman for this meeting.

2 To receive the Chairman’s

Cllr Sharp’s Declaration of Acceptance of Office was received.

3 Apologies – Dist Cllr R C Welch and Pc Harry Carpenter

4 Code of Conduct - Localism Act 2011 - to record any Councillor’s Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI) in relation to items on this agenda

a) Councillors are to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI) that they may have in items appearing on this Agenda (S 30 (3)), Appendices A & B - none

b) To receive, consider, decide and record Members’ requests for DPI dispensations (S 31) in connection with items on this Agenda – none

c) Register of Interests – to receive from Members any DPI/Register of Members’ Interests or updated Register of Members’ Interests (S29 (1) for transmission to the Monitoring Officer, Craven DC - none

5 Police Report – none in the absence of the police

6 Cllr Chris Maudsley - to receive his resignation and to co-opt a new member to fill the vacancy

The Clerk read Cllr Maudsley’s letter of resignation and reported that the vacancy had been advertised as required by law. No prospective member had come forward at this time. Cllr Maudsley had been a member of the PC for over 15 years and had been Chairman for a good number of years. He had been a very active member of the Council. Members were grateful for all his work and wished him and his family well.

Resolved: That a suitable letter of appreciation be sent to Cllr Maudsley.

7 To approve the Minutes of the Meetings held on Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Resolved: That the Minutes be approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.

8 Matters Arising (information only)

i) BT telephone kiosk near car park – the Clerk reported that this had been repaired and was working.

ii) Buses through Stainforth – complaint – satisfactory response received.

iii) Seat on Sherwood Brow – listened in asset register though at the Annual Meeting, doubt had been expressed as to its continued existence. However, Cllr Warren reported that she had seen the seat in its usual position.

9 Planning

a) To consider applications received - none

b) To note any decisions received - none

c) To receive any planning correspondence and to decide on action as appropriate - none

i) Planning applications – electronic consultation. YDNPA had advised that in future, consultation on plans etc would be undertaken by e-mail.

Resolved: That the Council would be content with this form of consultation.

10 Finance

a) To authorise payment of accounts as per schedule

Resolved: That the accounts as per schedule, be approved for payment.

b) Purchase of salt spreader - £178.36

i) to approve reimbursement. Cllr Warren had paid for this item

Resolved: That she be reimbursed in the sum of £178.36

ii) to discuss insurance – the minimum excess was £250 hence cover would not be worthwhile.




c) Stainforth village website

i) to approve reimbursement of £79.08 re annual web-hosting and domain name registration. As previously, a parishioner, Mr Tony Hennigan had already paid these expenses.

Resolved: That he be reimbursed with the sum of £79.08.

ii) to consider the future conduct of the website – this had been raised by the present volunteer Webmaster who, though not intending to give up this role immediately, had pointed out the desirability of having plans in place for the continuance of the website should the present arrangements cease and he had provided instructions for its continuing maintenance. The matter was discussed.

Resolved: That the instructions be kept safely and the matter be considered again when the need arose.

11 Winter Weather Agent Scheme - use of salt spreader

a) To discuss use by volunteers and to arrange risk assessment

Resolved: That this be discussed again at the next council meantime. (In the meantime, it was noted that those likely to be involved, had high visibility clothing).

b) Winter Weather Agents’ Toolkit – received and handed to Cllr Asher.

c) Winter Weather Agent Scheme – to consider location of two additional salt bins in Little Stainforth – advice still awaited.

12 Change to Bus Service 581 - Kirkby Lonsdale - Ingleton - Settle

Advice had been received to the effect that this service was to change from the end of September 2013. The revised timetable was discussed and it was noted that the 11.25am service from Stainforth to Settle had been discontinued.

Resolved: That the 11am service from Settle to Stainforth and that from Stainforth to Settle at 11.25am, be restored, especially on a Tuesday, Market Day.

13 Street Lights

a) To respond complaint received re street light (No 10 on new plan). The Council had been kept informed and the light had been switched off.

Resolved: That the light should not be switched on; that the continued provision of this light be discussed again in the autumn and that the new equipment which was going to improve the efficiency of this light, be cancelled.

b) To receive reports of defects for action and any other relevant information - none

c) To consider revision of list in asset register. The Clerk produced a list of lights together with a location plan. This had been produced by NYCC when they had assessed the council’s footway lighting stock.

Resolved: That this list and plan be adopted and included in the asset register and that a copy be forwarded to the Council’s electrical contractor.

14 Highways

a) To receive any reports for action – see parishioner participation.

b) NYCC – Highways Capital Programme 2013/14 & 2014/15 – received and referred to be the Clerk

15 Repairs and Maintenance

a) To receive any reports for action - none

16 To respond to correspondence received

i) Skipton Town Council – invite to Yorkshire Day – 1 August 2013

ii) NYCC – Adult Social Care – Local Account - Questionnaire

iii) Came & Company – insurance for charities and community groups – receipt reported.

Resolved: That all items of correspondence be received.

17 To receive items of information

i) Craven DC – advice of new Chairman 2013/14

ii) Craven DC – The Big Community Switch

Resolved: That all items of information be received.

18 To arrange the next meeting of the Parish Council

Resolved: That the next meeting of the Parish Council be held in Stainforth Village Hall on Tuesday, 16 July 2013 at 7.30pm.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 8.55pm.





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