Minutes 140114

Minutes of the Meeting of Stainforth Parish Council held in Stainforth Village Hall on Tuesday, 14 January 2014 at 7.30pm.

The public and press were invited and parishioner participation was at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs Fairweather, Mills, Sharp and Warren. Also, the Clerk and Pc H Carpenter of the local police

During parishioner participation, the submission of a planning application in respect of a property in the village was raised. As part of the application, it is required to certify proprietorship of the land/property forming part of the planning application. The applicants had certified that ownership of all the property forming the application vested in themselves. However, enquiry of the land registry had revealed that they did not own all the land concerned. The Clerk said he would raise the matter with the planning authority and that if appropriate, it would be included on a future agenda.

1 To elect a Chairman

Cllr Fairweather was elected Chairman of this meeting.

2 To receive the Chairman's Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr Fairweather's Declaration of Acceptance of Office Was received.

3 To receive apologies - Cllr Asher

4 Code of Conduct - Localism Act 2011 - to record any Councillor's Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI) in relation to items on this agenda

a) Councillors are to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI) that they may have in items appearing on this Agenda (S 30 (3)), Appendices A & B - none

b) To receive, consider, decide and record Members' requests for DPI dispensations (S 31) in connection with items on this Agenda - none

c) Register of Interests - to receive from Members any DPI/Register of Members' Interests or updated Register of Members' Interests (S29 (1)) for transmission to the Monitoring Officer, Craven DC - none

5 Policing

i) To receive the police report. Pc Carpenter reported as follows:

During the last four months, ie from 1 Sept to 31 Dec, 2013, there had been seven incidents at Stainforth, including vehicle damage and theft of a stone trough. Statistics for last 12 months:

Drug offences were down 50%. There had been 33 other crimes against 32 during the previous 12 months. These included 5 burglaries against 13 in the previous year.

ii) Launch of Countrywatch - to discuss nomination of a member of the parish council to be the local contact. This item had been received at the time of the last meeting but too late for inclusion on the relevant agenda. The Council was invited to nominate a local contact.

Resolved: That Cllr Asher be asked if she was prepared to be the contact.

6 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting held on Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Resolved: That the minutes of the meeting of Tuesday, 10 December 2013, be approved and signed by the Chairman of this meeting.

7 Matters Arising (information only)

i) YDNPA logos - confirmation of issue of licence received.

8 Planning

a) To consider applications received - received too late for formal consideration and the Council had no comment to make

C/44/101D construction and operation of railhead and associated development. Arcow Quarry. For Lafarge Tarmac.

C/44/101E continued operation of Arcow Quarry at variance with conditions 2,3 & 16 attached to application C/44/101C such that:
the date for restoration of the area occupied by the railhead is deferred until 31 December 2022;
there are minor amendments to the quarry bench design;
mineral from Dry Rigg Quarry can be imported to Arcow Quarry by road for stockpiling and loading at the railhead.

b) To note any decisions received
C/64/84C Installation of photovoltaic panels to south elevation of garage roof. Burnside Farm, Stainforth. Advice that this application had not proceeded and the file was now closed.

c) To receive any planning correspondence and to decide on action as appropriate

i) Retrospective application for installation of two hand gates on footpath 164/7, Stainforth. Grid reference SD 8231 6671. Highways Act 1980 s147.

Resolved: That this application be approved.

9 Finance

a) To authorise payment of accounts as per schedule including payment of the Clerk's expenses for October - December, 2013
Resolved: That payment of the accounts be approved. These included the Clerk's quarterly expenses of £100.90 to 31 December 2013 and donations to Settle Swimming Pool, Craven Citizens Advice Bureaux and the Royal British Legion in the sums of £50, £50 and £25 respectively (as per the budget).

b) Precept 2014/2015 - to confirm the Council's precept for 2014/15

Resolved: That Council's precept be unchanged at the sum of £5240 for the year 2014/15.

10 Winter Weather Agent Scheme

a) To consider location of two additional salt bins in Little Stainforth - nothing to report.

b) Cllr Fairweather produced the risk assessments which had been completed.

Resolved: That these be passed to Cllr Asher and the Cllr Fairweather be thanked for his assistance.

11 To complete risk assessments in respect of volunteer use of the council's motor mower.

These had not been completed at the time of the meeting.

12 Yorkshire Dales Local Plan 2015 - 30 - Protected Green Spaces

To identify protected green spaces in Stainforth parish and to clearly state why each is important to
the community and Little Stainforth. Greens identified, (including reasons) as follows: picnic area on west side of B6479, (recreation/picnic area); junction of Church Lane and Goat Lane, (attractive feature of village); east and west of stepping stones, (registered as village greens); pinfold next to vicarage; Little Stainforth, (registered land registry and historical feature of village) adjacent to Knight Stainforth Hall, (registered as village green); foot of Goatscar Lane outside Scarfoot Bungalow, seating area and viewing point.

Resolved: That the Yorkshire Dales National Park Authority be informed accordingly.

13 Bus route 10/11 Horton-in-Ribblesdale/Settle/Clitheroe

To receive correspondence relating to revision of timetable and to consider possibility of setting up a community minibus service centered on Settle and staffed by volunteers. The Council was not aware of any reason to respond at this time.

14 Street Lights

a) To receive reports of any defects for action:
Lights at the Old Reading Room and on the nearby green were not functioning properly as they were not coming on till around 6.30pm.

Resolved: That these be reported for action.

15 Highways

a) To receive any reports for action - pot holes on Dog Hill.

16 Repairs and Maintenance

a) To receive any reports for action - none

17 To respond to correspondence received

i) Great British Fish & Chip Supper - Friday, 16 May 2014 - Spinal Injuries Association (SIA) - letter inviting communities to stage a Fish & Chip Supper to raise awareness of spinal cord injuries and in support of SIA's vital services - received.

ii) Tour de France - Parish Council grant scheme - to consider letter received from Yorkshire Dales Authority re availability of small grants to celebrate the Grand Depart - received.

iii) Cloverleaf Advocacy - North Yorkshire NHS Complaints Advocacy Service - received

18 To receive items of information - circulated.

Resolved: That all items of information be received.


19 To arrange the next meeting of the Parish Council Resolved: That the next scheduled meeting of the Parish Council be held in Stainforth Village Hall at 7.30pm on Tuesday, 11 February 2014.


There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.00pm.