Minutes of the Annual Meeting of Stainforth Parish Council held in Stainforth Village Hall on Tuesday, 14 October 2014 at 7.30pm.

The public and press were invited and parishioner participation was at 7.30pm.

Present: Cllrs Asher, Mills, Sharp and Warren. Also the Clerk and Mr Dave Jones, Community Defibrillation Officer, Craven and North Yorkshire.

1 To elect a Chairman

Cllr Sharp was elected Chairman of this meeting

2 To receive the Chairman's Declaration of Acceptance of Office

Cllr Sharp's Declaration of Acceptance of Office was received.

3 Apologies - Cllr Fairweather

4 Code of Conduct - Localism Act 2011 - to record any Councillor's Disclosable Pecuniary Interest (DPI) in relation to items on this agenda
a) Councillors are to declare any Disclosable Pecuniary Interests (DPI) that they may have in items appearing on this Agenda (S 30 (3)), Appendices A & B - none

b) To receive, consider, decide and record Members' requests for DPI dispensations (S 31) in connection with items on this Agenda - none

c) Register of Interests - to receive from Members any DPI/Register of Members' Interests or updated Register of Members' Interests (S29 (1)) for transmission to the Monitoring Officer, Craven DC - none

5 Policing
a) To receive the monthly report. PC 347 Adrian Fryer, Neighbourhood Police Officer, Ingleton, attended on behalf of PC750 Dave Ridler, who is the new Neighbourhood Police Officer for Settle including the Stainforth area. PC Fryer reported that there had not been any crime in Stainforth during the last four weeks. However, there had been several incidents in the surrounding area and a few days ago, acts of vandalism in Stainforth picnic area when a picnic table and parts of a wooden fence had been set on fire, possibly by campers. PC Fryer said that the fence could be repaired but he thought the picnic table would have to be replaced. The area is managed by the National Park.
OP-Hawk - this is the continuing operation to catch travelling criminals and is undertaken in conjunction with police in Lancashire, Cumbria and West Yorkshire. This close co-operation has resulted in a number of arrests and some stolen items have been recovered.

b) Police and Crime Plan - to receive update and to consider any response - discussed and received.

6 To approve the Minutes of the Meeting of the Council held on Tuesday, 14 October 2014
Resolved: That the minutes be approved and signed by the Chairman as a true and correct record.

7 Matters Arising
i) Craven Heifer Hotel, Stainforth - advice of re-painting of external vent. After requests, the venting had now been painted grey which was more in keeping with the natural stone to which it is affixed and the Council is grateful.

ii) Allotments - the Clerk reported that he had not yet let plot 2 but was in touch with the second party on the waiting list who had asked to view the allotment before coming to a decision. The Clerk said he would make the arrangements.

iii) Strategy - 'Care & Support where I live' - consultation. The Council had been asked if it wished to comment. After consideration, the Council felt it did not have anything to add.

8 Defibrillator
a) To receive a presentation from Mr Dave Jones (DJ), Community Defibrillation Officer (Craven & North Yorkshire), on the provision of a defibrillator in the parish and to consider next action. Chairman of the meeting, Cllr Sharp welcomed Mr Jones who described his rôle as to encourage communities to be resilient, and then went on to describe the alternatives available to the Council. He recommended an external device housed in a steel, lockable cabinet controlled by an access code held by the Yorkshire Ambulance Service (YAS) but which would be given to anyone who required access. Location was considered and the centre of Stainforth was favoured, ideally at the public house. The equipment would need to be connected to mains electricity, usage costing about £2/£3 per year Two brands of defibrillator were mentioned, the first, the Cardiac Science Powerheart AED (Automated External Defibrillator) G5 (http://www.cardiacscience.co.uk/products/powerheart-g5-aed/) and the second, the CU Medical Systems Inc i-Pad AED, (http://cumedical.en.ec21.com/), the latter being favoured at a cost of £750 + VAT. In addition, an external cabinet, cost £520 + VAT, a set of pads renewable every three years at a current cost of £20 and a new battery pack every 5 years at a current cost of £125, would be required. DJ suggested that the system be linked to the Community Heartbeat Trust (http://www.communityheartbeat.org.uk/), a charity which would be responsible for setting up and administering the Village Emergency Telephone (VETS) System. The ambulance service would call a number provided by them which would in turn call up to 10 pre-selected numbers of local volunteers who would attend with the defibrillator. Cost: £100 per year. Both defibrillators mentioned have a seven year warranty.
The system has an effective radius of 200 metres, the maximum someone could get on foot and return to the patient for the AED to still be effective. Overall cost of the exercise is estimated at £1200 - £1300 + VAT, which is within the resources of the parish council. DJ said that he would forward further details of the whole scheme. Also, that training would be provided as required and could be by way of a local coffee morning or some such.

Resolved: That the parish council provide a defibrillator in the village of Stainforth and that permission be obtained for it to be affixed to the outside of the public house, also that the YDNPA be informed of this intention.

9 Planning
a) To consider applications received
C/64/99C Use of annex as separate local occupancy dwelling. Stony Brook House, Main Street, Stainforth
Resolved: 'No comment.'
b) To note any decisions received - none
c) To receive any planning correspondence and to decide on action as appropriate
i) Planning and travellers: proposed changes to planning policy and guidance - Department for Communities & Local Government - consultation. The documents had been circulated for the benefit of members but the Council did not have any comment to make.

10 HM Courts & Tribunals Service
a) To consider response to consultation on proposed merger of Local Justice Areas in North Yorkshire
Resolved: 'No comment'.

11 Finance
i) To authorise payment of accounts as per schedule - none
ii) Craven DC - 'Making it Count' Budget Consultation - 2015/16 - to respond to survey. This was available to members who could respond if they wished.
iii) Parish Precepts 2015/16 - to consider advice received from Craven District Council - received and noted. The Clerk said that he would work on the precept in readiness for the next scheduled meeting.
iv) Settle Area Swimming Pool - the annual request for financial support had been received. The Council had already precepted for an increase in its donation to £300, payment of which would be approved at the next meeting.

12 Street Lights
a) To receive reports of any defects for action - none

13 Highways
a) To receive any reports for action as follows:
i) 'Give Way' sign near vicarage - recently damaged when bushes had been cut back - to be reported to NYCC Highways Department for repair.

14 Repairs and Maintenance
a) To receive any reports for action - none

15 To respond to correspondence received
i) NYCC - Advice of changes to highway grass cutting service - introduction of charges. Three small plots of grass opposite Hollies Cottages had been reported as maintained by NYCC when in fact, they had been cut by a parishioner for the last 15 years at least. NYCC to be informed accordingly.
ii) NYCC - Library service - consultation on proposals for changes - circulated and received.
iii) NYCC - Community Emergency Plans - received.
iv) Yorkshire Dales LEADER - briefing note No 1 - nominations sought for election to Executive - no action.
v) Yorkshire Water - notice of intention to transfer ownership of private sewage pumping stations to Yorkshire Water from 1 October 2016 -circulated and poster displayed on council's notice board.
vi) Rural Action Yorkshire - invite to Community Resilience Event - Grassington Institute - 10 Dec 2014 - received.

16 To receive items of information - circulated and received.

17 To arrange the next meeting of the Parish Council

Resolved: That the next scheduled meeting of the parish council be held in Stainforth Village Hall on Tuesday, 13 January 2015 at 7.30pm.

There being no further business, the meeting was closed at 9.5pm.